Time Limit: 2 Seconds    Memory Limit: 65536 KB

 Mosjava was born in Dezfoul, so his has Dezfouli accent. Also, he has been at Isfahan for 4 years. Now he speak partly Dezfouli and partly Isfahani. The Question is how he pronounce a Persian sentence. 

There are some rules he obey in speaking in each of Dezfouli and Isfahani. (Dezfouli and Isfahani are more complicated accent and for the ease of question some small rule applied over all type of word) 

* In Dezfouli, for imperative such as “begoo”, “be” omit from verb and the transformed form is “goo”. 

* In Dezfouli, if the word started with “ab” this too character transform to “O”. 

* In Isfahani, if a single ‘a’ appear in a word it will pronounce ‘e’. 

A word pronounce could pronounce Dezfouli, Isfahani or without accent. With higher Dezfouli priority. 

Given some sentences and your task is to rewrite them such as Mosjava pronounce them. 


 In the first line of input there is T, number of testcases. 

In the next T line there is a sentence containing some space separated word. 

It is guaranteed that every character is lowercase. 


 For each output print the sentence such as Mosjava pronounce .

Sample Input

begoo chi mikhay?
ab mikhay?

Sample Output

goo chi mikhey?
O mikhey?