Abnormal 91's

Time Limit: 1 Second    Memory Limit: 65536 KB

As we all know a common method of choosing a name for teams participating in programming contests  in Iran, is to  choose a combination of initials of team members. For instance Jafar, MohammadKazam and Bahman would name their team “JBM”. One of the first teams that ever used this method is PMP. 

Abnormal 91’s, have come up with a fresh idea for naming their team. Instead of using the initials, they concatenate their complete names. As an example mohammadmehdi, amirardalan and seyyedmostafa would name their team:  


Some of 91’s even go further and to make their team’s name more stylish, they reversed the name of the person in middle. Therefore, the name of the example team would be: 


Note that order of team members in the naming are fixed, so names are unique for each team. Given the names of members of one team, as well as name of the team in first 91’s style, you have to find the team’s name in the second 91’s style. 




The first line contains an integer T (T ≤ 100), the number of tests. Each test consists of two lines. First line  contains  three  strings,  the  names  of  team  members  in  some  random  order.  These  strings  are separated  with  a  single  space.  The  names  of  all  the  team  members  consist  of  only  English  lowercase letters and length of each name will not exceed 50 characters. Second line of each test contains a single string, a valid name of the team in the first 91’s style.



For each test print team’s name in the second 91’s style in a single line. It is guaranteed that the answer is unique. 


Sample Input

piloop mj poopi
azhdar gholi gholam

Sample Output


Source: AUT 2012