Substitution Cypher

Time Limit: 1 Second    Memory Limit: 32768 KB

Substitution cyphers are the simplest of cyphers where the letters of one alphabet are substituted for the letters of another alphabet. In one form or another, they've been in use for over 2000 years.


A line containing the plaintext alphabet
A line containing the substitution alphabet
Several lines of text


A line containing the substitution alphabet
A line containing the plaintext alphabet
The converted lines of text

Please note: All lines will be at most 64 characters, plus a trailing end-of-line character. Pass through all characters not found in the plaintext alphabet.

Sample Input

Shar's Birthday:
The birthday is October 6th, but the party will be Saturday,
October 5. It's my 24th birthday and the first one in some 
years for which I've been employed. Plus, I have new clothes.
So I have cause to celebrate. More importantly, though, 
we've cleaned the house! The address is 506-D Albert Street.
Extra enticement for CS geeks: there are several systems in
the house, and the party is conveniently scheduled for 3 hours
after the second CSC programming contest ends (not to mention,
within easy walking distance)!

Sample Output

Sszi'h Brigswzb:
Tsv yrigswzb rh Oxglyvi 6gs, yfg gsv kzigb droo yv Szgfiwzb,
Oxglyvi 5. Ig'h nb 24gs yrigswzb zmw gsv urihg lmv rm hlnv 
bvzih uli dsrxs I'ev yvvm vnkolbvw. Pofh, I szev mvd xolgsvh.
Sl I szev xzfhv gl xvovyizgv. Mliv rnkligzmgob, gslfts, 
dv'ev xovzmvw gsv slfhv! Tsv zwwivhh rh 506-D Aoyvig Sgivvg.
Ecgiz vmgrxvnvmg uli CS tvvph: gsviv ziv hvevizo hbhgvnh rm
gsv slfhv, zmw gsv kzigb rh xlmevmrvmgob hxsvwfovw uli 3 slfih
zugvi gsv hvxlmw CSC kiltiznnrmt xlmgvhg vmwh (mlg gl nvmgrlm,
drgsrm vzhb dzoprmt wrhgzmxv)!


Source: University of Waterloo Local Contest 1996.10.05