Setting up a Football Team

Time Limit: 2 Seconds    Memory Limit: 65536 KB

Sharif is to put together a football team from the students who have volunteered to play in the team. A group of ex-players have set up some physical criteria for each position which are Maximum Age, Minimum Weight, and Minimum Strength. The criteria for each position in the team are as follows:

PositionMax. ageMin. WeightMin. Strength
Mid-field30 70 500
Forward 26 60 200
 Defense 36 80 300

Using this information, you need to develop a program that reads in the physical attributes of several students and outputs what position(s) they are able to play.


In each line of the input, the age, weight and strength of a student are given as integer numbers (less than 1000);all separated with spaces. The input terminates with “0 0 0”.


For each student, you must print one line listing the positions that student can play. A student can play a position if his weight and strength are not less than those specified in the above table and his age is not greater than that specified in the above table. If a student can play multiple positions, output them in the order listed above, separated by a space. If a student cannot play any position, print “No positions” on the line.

Sample Input

27 85 350
24 65 630
23 75 550
37 210 500
0 0 0

Sample Output

Mid-field Forward
No positions

Source: 10th Iran Nationwide Internet Contest